Preserve And Protect Your Teeth With Regular Cleanings!

You might not realize it, but the number one cause of tooth decay is insufficient home oral health care. Even if you’re thorough and attentive to your mouth’s needs, there’s still a good chance that you’re missing some of the hardest-to-reach portions of your teeth, and over time, that can lead to cavities and expensive dental procedures!

The best way to protect your teeth is through regular dental cleanings and exams – professional hygienists can reach the areas of your mouth you might not have even realized you were missing! At Springfield Family Dental, we’ve been creating great clean smiles for years, and we’re excited to see yours, too!

Why Regular Cleanings and Exams?

You might notice that by the end of the day your teeth have developed a sticky film on them. This film is called plaque, and the bacteria it contains produces acids that erode the enamel of your teeth. Continued erosion of your enamel can expose the delicate inner portion of your teeth, leading to infection, pain, and any number of restorative procedures. Normal brushing and flossing is able to keep plaque in check, but even the most diligent home care can still leave you with plaque hidden away in your mouth.

Using advanced tools and technology that allow us to expertly detect problems and remove plaque that’s next to impossible for you to always find, regular cleanings and exams are essential to your oral health!

What Goes Into My Cleaning and Exam?

Cleanings involve a full thorough plaque removal by one of our talented hygienists, and fluoride treatment and other preventative care measures as needed.

Your exam will usually include a visual oral cancer screening, cavity risk assessment, X-rays, and a meeting with Dr. Ben or Dr. Rob. Once he has made any diagnoses that are applicable, you will both work together to create a plan for any necessary treatment. We always give you a choice on what treatments you want to pursue, and any decisions about your care are always made by you and the doctors together.

For New Patients

If you’re new to our office, you’ll get a full-featured dental cleaning and exam that will include time to meet with Dr. Ben or Dr. Rob to discuss your current oral health, any objectives you have for treatment, and any concerns or diagnoses that we make. We want to make sure that we establish a good baseline for your care and are able to make an accurate assessment and plan for the future of your smile! Your complete time in the patient chair will probably be only about an hour and a half long – that’s quite a bargain for years of healthy teeth!

Keeping your teeth clean can go a long way toward identifying, diagnosing, and treating any potential problems before they become severe. Don’t wait until you end up with a cavity to contact us for great dental care! Call our office today at 541-746-6517 or make an appointment using our online form. We look forward to seeing you soon!