A Smile as White as Snow

Hey there Eugene! At Eugene Family Dental we’ve begun to prepare for Thanksgiving and all the winter holidays. Tis the season of family and fun. Are you prepared for all of your holiday festivities? Will you be buying a turkey, or risking elbows to the face by shopping on Black Friday? No matter what your plans hold, we hope you’ll enjoy some time with your friends and family.

While you may be ready for Thanksgiving, is your smile ready? In our last post, we started a series about how several the treatments offered at Eugene Family Dental could benefit your holidays in some manner. We began by talking about dental implants; dental implants are restorations for missing teeth, allowing you to smile with pride and chew all your favorite Thanksgiving foods. In the next few days, we will also talk about how restorative dentistry can end the pain of a toothache, and about how our office is free of the stress of the holidays.

But today, we want to talk about more of a cosmetic issue. Sometimes healthy teeth can become yellow and discolored. This discoloring can make you feel anxious; it may even prevent you from smiling. Really, the holidays are a time for smiling. You’ll likely be enjoying a big Thanksgiving meal with your family. Then there will be other activities; you may play a game of touch football in the yard if the the weather holds. If winter chill has arrived, you may just sit inside and tell stories.

Either way, a friend or family member is likely to take a few photos of you. The way you smile for a photo says a lot about how you feel about your teeth. Are you willing to proudly display your teeth with a wide grin? Or do you feel embarrassed or ashamed about the state of your teeth? If yellowed teeth wreck your smile, then you may benefit from professional teeth whitening at Eugene Family Dental in Eugene, OR.

At our comfortable and modern office, we’ve had many patients come to us with a frustration. They are upset because they brush their teeth twice a day, everyday. They don’t have any cavities and regularly get their teeth cleaned. But still there are stains and discolorations on their teeth. Teeth stains can happen to anybody and are caused by any number of factors.

One of the biggest factors is simply growing older. Genetics also play a part, as do the food and drinks you consume. Many common foods are filled with dyes, either natural or otherwise. Take red wine, there’s natural dyes in there from the grapes. But consider something surprising like a lot of wasabi. Wasabi has a green color naturally, but that green is often heightened with artificial dyes to appear more vibrant.All of these dyes, natural or otherwise, can stain your teeth.

But stained teeth don’t have to be permanent. With professional teeth whitening at Eugene Family Dental in Eugene, OR, we can make your teeth up to eight shades whiter in about an hour. We offer two kinds of professional whitening treatments; both Zoom! in-office whitening and a special take-home whitening kit. Our whitening products are far more effective than anything you can find in stores, because they use prescription strength whitening gel. In addition, our whitening treatments are designed not to irritate your gums in the same manner as many do-it-yourself whitening products.

Generally, we recommend Zoom! whitening if you want your teeth to look great in a hurry. We begin the treatment by placing a protective barrier over your gums. This step prevents much of the pain and discomfort associated with do-it-yourself whitening products. We then brush prescription strength whitening gel onto your teeth, then we use the special Zoom! light to activate the whitening gel. A Zoom! whitening treatment generally consists of three, fifteen minute rounds of treatment in a single appointment. That means you’re in and out of the office in about an hour!

We also offer take-home whitening kits which allow you to whiten your teeth at your own convenience. Although this method is not quite as fast as Zoom! Whitening, the results are still impressive. We custom-create whitening trays which are molded to your mouth; this ensures that the whitening gel is applied evenly and prevents in from slipping and irritating your gums. You wear these trays for a few hours each night, and you’ll quickly see amazing results.

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Are you ready to whiten your teeth for Thanksgiving? Then make an appointment at Eugene Family Dental in Eugene, OR.. You can contact our office at 541-719-8260.

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