You’re Worth The Smile You Want

You’re feeling a little under-appreciated lately, aren’t you?

If you’re busy raising a family, it often seems like when the smoke and dust have settled on another year, you’ve given a lot more than you received.

Providing for your family and giving your children everything they need is just what being a good parent is all about. For your efforts, you’ve received hugs, smiles, and report cards that didn’t make you cringe when you signed them.

Those are the spoils of raising children: Impossible to touch, but more priceless than any real treasure the world can offer.

But something is missing, isn’t it?

You can look back on a year of accomplishments and growth for your family, but what about you, personally? What have you done for yourself for a change?

Isn’t it time that you got something a little more for all of your hard work and care?

You can look in the mirror and be a proud parent, but when your appearance is being dragged down by a troublesome smile, you can’t feel as good about yourself as you deserve.

Enhancing your appearance and improving your self-confidence with a cosmetic dental procedure is a fantastic way to treat yourself to a gift that is rarely given. A new smile isn’t something Santa places under the tree; you have to go out and get it for yourself.

At Eugene Family Dental, we think you’ve earned the right to look and feel your absolute best.

Say “Yes” To A Better Smile

The only thing holding you back from realizing the smile you’ve always wanted has little to do with the past and present state of your mouth.

To be sure, an entire life with crooked or broken teeth will affect your self-esteem, but what you may not know is that the effect usually reinforces a status quo instead of changing it.

Over the years, as you grow accustomed to carrying your imperfect smile everywhere you go and do your best to hide it, you’re learning how to settle for less than what you deserve as far as your appearance goes.

Instead of fixing your teeth years ago, you’ve only made excuses that were easier to make as the years past you by. Now, all these years later, by treating your smile as something that changes your behavior instead of as something that you can change, you’ve made it harder to change in general.

You cower from photographers.

You worry that the next funny joke you’re told will slip you up and expose your teeth through an accidental smile.

These and more are signs of how you’ve conditioned yourself to settle for less.

Eugene Family Dental believes that you should be in charge of your smile, not the other way around. It’s an act of empowerment that can change how you meet the other challenges in your life; instead of bending to them, they will bend to you.

In time, the boost in confidence that a new smile can give you will give you a personality makeover, breaking you out of the shell you’ve built around a bad, embarrassing smile.

We offer a number of different cosmetic treatments that can start the process of seeing the world differently, and with confidence, including:

  • Veneers
  • Teeth whitening
  • Laser gum reshaping
  • Tooth bonding
  • Invisalign clear braces

By improving just one aspect of your smile with a straightforward cosmetic dental procedure, you can begin a chain reaction of confidence-building across the areas of your life where your smile has previously held you back.

Soon, you’ll notice a difference in how you carry yourself in the world. People will begin to notice the change not just in your brighter, shimmering smile, but in your personality, as well.

But you have to believe that you’re worth it, or things will stay the same.

I need you to give us a call to take control of your smile’s destiny for better oral health and a smile you can finally be proud of.

To schedule an appointment with my friendly staff, you may reach us at 458-205-5189, or you can request a consultation with us online.

Stop feeling under-appreciated by actually doing something about it. Let Eugene Family Dental enhance your smile and your self-esteem by saying to yourself “I’m worth the smile that I want!

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